Environmental care and carbon footprint


Digital Data is proud to be partners with Fuji Xerox – our primary equipment, media and stock supplier – and with their proven processes and methodologies we continue to improve our processes to ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’.


Our sustainability commitment

Just like Fuji Xerox, winner of the 2010 ‘Leading in Sustainability’ Banksia Award‘, sustainability is at the heart of our business. Our responsibility to internal and external stakeholders, whether they are employees, customers, business partners or the broader community, they expect us to act as a good corporate citizen by finding the right balance between economic, environmental and social considerations.

Industry leading responsibility

Environmental sustainability is well embedded in our business mentality and behaviour thanks to a long standing partnership with environmentally responsible suppliers and customers that strongly support intelligent usage and recycling of materials, stock, paper, cartridges, etc.

ISO14001 Certification

DDIS is a long term member of GASSA through which we are in a process of getting certified for ISO14001. GASAA has environmental approach to a sustainable print business and is assisting Digital Data Imaging Services P/L in becoming truly green and achieving the ultimate environmental standard – ISO14001.