Litigation document scanning

We provide best practice litigation support to the legal community

Using our services, law firms can instantly access the information contained in their cases.We specifically designed our project methods and production facilities to ensure image quality and document integrity for sensitive legal document conversion projects. The benefits gained from our services result in increased productivity and performance by eliminating the time required to find critical information.

We can provide your legal team with the highest quality imaging and digitisation service which is fully searchable.

Document types

We provide legal document scanning services to law firms empowering them to instantly retrieve transcripts, pleadings, evidence and more. We custom build our processes to suit your needs. Legal records can be retrieved by case name, case number or client name.


We hold all of our clients’ data in strict confidence. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements affirming our privacy policies. Our offices are designed and laid out with privacy and security in mind. All data connections are secure and encrypted.

Quality Control

We visually inspect every legal record image before it is released to the next process. If an image is too dark or too bright it must be re-scanned. This is always included in all of our document scanning agreements.

Document Coding

All legal records need to be retrieved at some point. We can code to your specifications.

Your records can be coded by case name, case number, and client name or released with a Bates number.

Litigation Support Offerings

  • High quality mixed file scanning
  • Paperless office
  • Full text Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • File naming & document coding
  • EBS (Electronic Bates Stamping)
  • Manual Bates labelling
  • Onsite scanning
  • File library indexing
  • Cost effective file search & retrieval solutions
  • Document management application integration
  • Email conversion to PST. We convert email form Outlook PSTs or other email into searchable PDF files, with attachments joined.
  • Scanning from paper. We offer high-speed and high quality document scanning services from paper copy to PDF.
  • File conversions. We take TIFF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file formats and convert them to searchable files as part of our PDF document conversion services.
  • Faxes. You can send us documents by fax and we will convert them into searchable PDF files.
  • OCR. We conduct careful optical character recognition, or OCR scanning services on files, and return the results as part of searchable PDF files that retain the original look of the document.
  • Bates stamping. We can apply Bates stamping and numbering to paper or electronic based files.
  • Coding. If needed, we can code your documents by date, title, sender, recipient, bates range and other objective coding fields.


  • Aggressive timelines with stringent requirements: Enables attorneys and support personnel to quickly and effectively leverage technology to enhance litigation productivity and performance
  • Allows attorneys to practice law rather than filing, copying, coding or searching through file drawers and mounds of paper
  • Allows fully searchable digital copies of documents that fulfill the strict legal requirements that the evidence looks exactly as it did in paper form
  • Efficiencies and savings brought on by electronic document management such as reduction in preparation time and reduced document storage demands can generate hundreds of thousands in savings for law firms on an annual basis
  • Scanned paper documents can now instantly be shared by colleagues in other offices.